celebs in leather jackets

Celebrities in Leather Jackets

Posted: 26th March 2020 in

When it comes to leather jackets, today’s celebrities really know what they’re doing. From casual looks to red carpet ready outfits, leather jackets have made a name for themselves as being a firm favourite for many different celebrities. At Hidepark, we pride ourselves on offering a full range of different leather jackets for both men and women. This means we have a leather jacket for every occasion, season and style. Here are some of our favourite celebrity leather jackets.

Top Celebrity Leather Jackets

Barack Obama – Barack Obama is well known for being one of the most stylish men in politics and that is highlighted by his love for leather jackets. Obama is often seen wearing a formal leather jacket, showing that leather jackets don’t have to be casual. In fact, they’re often the perfect accompaniment to an event outfit. The Hidepark Budd Brown Leather Jacket is similar in colour and style.

Barrack Obama Leather Jacket

Madonna – There’s no denying that Madonna is, and probably always will be, one of the most fashion-forward women in pop. So, it’ll come as no surprise that she’s a fan of leather jackets. Madonna often opts for leather jackets with studs and accessories.

Madonna Leather Jacket

Claire Danes – Claire Danes is the perfect example of how well a leather jacket can look when it’s teamed with a spring or summer outfit. By casually throwing a simple jacket over a long summer dress, Danes is adding an edgier and cooler element to her outfit.

Clare Danes Leather Jacket

Denzel Washington – If you’re a fan of longer leather jackets such as our Edward Leather Brown Coat, you’re sure to like Denzel Washington’s jacket in Training Day. Though most people initially think of leather jackets as being short or cropped, there are also many longer options available.

Denzel Washington Leather Jacket

George Clooney – If there’s one man that really rocks the celebrity leather jacket look, it’s George Clooney. Though Clooney keeps his choice simple and chic, his leather jacket stands out by turning a casual outfit into one that’s a lot more formal and put together. Consider the Budd Black Antique Leather Jacket as a similar option.

George Clooney Leather Jacket

Celebrity Leather Jackets at Hidepark

At Hidepark, we stock a wide range of leather jackets for both men and women. So, if you’ve seen a celebrity leather jacket that you love, we’re able to offer a range of different options. From biker jackets to bomber jackets, we have it all. To find out more, get in touch with the Hidepark team. Alternatively, browse our leather jacket collection online.