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Leather Jackets in Movies

Posted: 26th February 2018 in

When it comes to the world of movies and Hollywood blockbusters, it isn’t uncommon for characters to be rocking a fantastic leather jacket. Whether they’re fighting off bad guys or swaggering around with attitude, a number of iconic characters count a leather jacket as a wardrobe staple. This will come as no surprise when you consider that leather jackets are practical and comfortable to wear, and they look great. In fact, most people would agree that there’s something very cool about wearing one.

The most iconic leather jackets in movies

Though most of us will be able to think of an iconic leather jacket in one of our favourite movies, you may be surprised at just how often a leather jacket features in a key character’s main outfit. For example, the character of Danny Zuko in ‘Grease’ is usually recognisable by the leather T-Birds jacket alone. However, leather jackets aren’t just reserved for bad boys in high schools. Here are some of Hollywood’s most famous men’s leather jackets:

Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator

‘The Terminator’ is one of the best-loved action films of all time and it’s still one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s top roles. However, did you notice just how much of a part his biker jacket plays throughout the movie? Travelling from the 00’s back to the 80’s, ‘The Terminator’ highlights that a leather biker jacket can look great in any decade.

Inspired by Arnie’s biker jacket? Take a look at this one:

Gents Black Mac leather jacket

Gary Oldman in Sid and Nancy

it’s a great example. Gary Oldman portrays Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious in 1986 classic ‘Sid and Nancy’, but it’s his accessorised leather jacket that stands out as being one of the most memorable elements of the movie. With buttons, safety pins and studs, of how much of a statement can be made by making a leather jacket your own with some personalisation.

Want your own jacket to accessorise and make a statement with? Take a look at this one: 


Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

When we think of Indiana Jones, we think of his iconic hat and his iconic brown leather jacket. Unlike a lot of the movie world’s most famous leather jackets, Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones rocks a rugged and brown style.

Want your own rugged jacket? Try this one:


Hugh Jackman in X-Men

Throughout the ‘X-Men’ film franchise, Hugh Jackman rocks a leather bomber jacket as Wolverine. Reflecting the action and fast-paced nature of the film the leather jacket of choice is one that’s casual and practical, showing that leather jackets look just as great when they’re worn casually.

Brad Pitt in Fight Club

Who said leather jackets had to be brown or black? Brad Pitt’s character in ‘Fight Club’ breaks the mould by wearing a red alternative. Despite not being to everyone’s tastes, it’s certainly an item of clothing that’ll grab attention.

Why are leather jackets so popular in movies?

With leather jackets being part of movie costumes for such a long time, it’s possible to see just how easily this style of clothing transcends standard styles. Despite the trends at the time and the style of clothing that was commonly worn, leather jackets always have a key place. This is why there are so many famous leather jackets in movies. Regardless of when a film was made or when it is being watched, a leather jacket doesn’t go out of style.

There are a lot of different ways that leather jackets have been worn in movies; from the cool guy characters to the action heroes, leather jackets are a good fit. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they look good with any outfit.

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