Men's Long Leather Coats

Long leather coats are great for men everywhere, offering style and practicality in equal measure. Crafter from supple, buffed cowhide, the attractive, natural finish of these jackets is really made to shine. When combined with comfortable lining, they make for a warm coat that’s perfect for anything from a short trip into town or a long walk in the countryside.

Distinguished from other men’s leather jackets not only by the length but by their dedicated outdoorsy style, long leather coats nevertheless retain that iconic leather look that no other coat can match. Within the broad umbrella of ‘long leather coat’ we sell a wide range of different styles and colours. When you’re buying a coat that will last you for many years, you should be able to choose exactly the right style for you. Our range of designs enables you to do that, which makes the coat that you buy that much more special.

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