Women's Sheepskin Jackets & Coats

Popular with explorers around the globe and models on the catwalk, sheepskin jackets for women are a classic that has remained fashionable and durable. Not one to often find in standard high street stores, owning a shearling jacket is a fashion statement in itself. Looking elegant whilst feeling comfortable and warm don’t often come hand-in-hand, however, sheepskin masters this unique combination for women everywhere. Embracing the American aviator design, sheepskin jackets are reminiscent of a time when feminine empowerment was on the rise. In the same sense, our shearling coats will revolutionise your wardrobe and give you the confidence to tackle the day and look good doing it. For something a little more daring and different see our sheepskin gilets to truly stand out from the crowd. Browse our full range of ladies sheepskin jackets below to get that statement piece in your wardrobe. The next time you leave your house, walk with confidence, warmth and style with a Hidepark sheepskin coat.