Men's Tweed Jackets

Add a touch of class to your outfit with these men’s tweed jackets. If leather jackets aren’t really your thing, or you’re looking for something a little different, these classic tweed coats will give your wardrobe that little something extra.

As with all of our jackets, our tweed coats are made with the finest quality fabrics available and our triple focus on comfort, style and functionality is as central as ever. Every single tweed jacket you see on this page has been crafted by the Hidepark team to be a top-quality garment that any man would be proud to wear.

Not only do they look great, but all of these tweed jackets also offer exceptional protection against harsh weather, with features like storm cuffs and a fastenable loden wool collar, which helps to keep out the wind and the rain. They also feature a Teflon coating over the wool, which improves the jacket’s natural water resistance. What’s not to love?

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