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4 Leather Jackets To Get You Ready For Spring/Summer

Posted: 7th March 2016 in

The chill of winter is not quite over yet (we’re still putting the heating on in the mornings currently) but spring will soon be upon us, and shortly thereafter, summer.

Leather is a breathable fabric, meaning it can be surprisingly cool in summer, as well as warm in the winter. It’s actually the sheepskin lining in most of our winter jackets that give you that toasty feeling, whilst the leather creates a more durable and great-looking finishing touch.

So, if you want to keep the great style of a leather jacket throughout the warmer months but shudder (or rather, swelter) at the thought of wearing a thick coat in the sun, then these are the jackets for you.

Rik: Men’s Leather Jacket

Gents-Leather-jacket-chestnut-Rik Gents-Leather-jacket-Navy-Rik

The “Rik” jacket is made from high-quality lamb nappa leather and is one of our lighter jackets for men. With a wide variety of colours to choose from and a simple yet attractive design, this jacket can go well with any outfit. The collar can be worn open (as pictured), or buttoned up for warmth if you encounter a strong wind on your travels, and the straight fit is designed with comfort in mind. You might not even realise you’re wearing it!

Bella: Ladies’ Leather Jacket

Ladies-leather-jacket-olive-Bella Ladies-leather-jacket-brown-Bella Ladies-leather-jacket-Tan-Bella

Simultaneously smart and casual, the “Bella” jacket is a chameleon of sorts. It can be worn with almost anything, from a t-shirt and jeans to a skirt and pixie boots. The soft, lightweight cowhide leather of this jacket makes it breathable and comfortable. Once again, this is a jacket that retains warmth during summer but stays cool in the winter. The fitted design and knitted collar provide comfort and functionality.

Zoe: Ladies’ Biker Jacket

Ladies Blue Leather Biker jacket Zoe Ladies Zoe Navy Leather Biker Jacket Ladies-Leather-Biker-Jacket-Tan-Zoe Ladies-leather-biker-jacket-Black-Zoe

The “Zoe” leather replicates the classic biker jacket style, with a wide variety of colours to choose from, making it a stylish and comfortable addition to any wardrobe. The collar has sculpture wire, meaning you can create a range of interesting and unique looks, wearing the jacket open or closed to get the desired effect.

690: Men’s Leather Jacket

Gents-leather-jacket-Black-690 Gents-Leather-Jacket-Brown-690

This is a no-nonsense leather jacket that instantly gives your look a classic edge. The straight comfort fit, adjustable cuffs and collar, and easy access pockets mean this is the jacket for someone who wants functionality as well as style. The flexible cowhide leather ensures this jacket is comfortable and breathable in the summer.

Can’t see the right jacket for you? Check out our full range here!

button-ladies button-mens

There you have it. Four jackets we’d recommend this summer. Of course, there are more available on our website, so feel free to browse and find one that suits your style perfectly.