Tweed Vs. Leather

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With tweed rising in the world of fashion, should we be choosing it over leather this spring/summer?

Whether you are picking a leather jacket or a tweed jacket the most important factor is quality. A good quality tweed or leather jacket will not only last what feels like forever, but also get better with age. Tweed jackets have an almost magical ability to make the wearer appear “dapper” for as long as the jacket is worn. When it comes to fashion we like to think that all of us need a jacket that makes a statement, and when it comes making a statement tweed is up there with the best. However, it is not only an iconic garment in the fashion world. It has a boat load of uses too.

The benefits of a tweed jacket

Tweed possesses many benefits. It is a durable fabric that when made into jackets, lends itself to be the perfect item of clothing for those outdoor activities. Our Teflon coated tweed jackets are developed to be water resistant, able to withstand harsh climates, and keep you protected from the elements. It has the perfect amount of flexibility, so you won’t feel hindered or too restricted when wearing it. Whether you are hitting the town for the smarter night out or jumping in the Land Rover Defender to go shooting, tweed will serve you well.

Over the past couple of years, tweed has really started coming back into the trends and making a name for itself again. It is the perfect material for those colder days. We know it is coming into spring, but British weather is not the best. Paired with the right items, tweed can look stylish and chic with minimal effort. Even though the tweed jacket may go in and out of style, it makes a perfect garment that can last a lifetime.

Okay, we get it. Tweed is great. But is leather better than tweed??

Leather has so many great properties too. It is also strong and durable, and for us here in the UK, it adapts well between temperatures. Good leather remains cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold. This is due in part to the breathability of the material.

Leather coats and jackets are something that will never completely go out of style, even with the trends constantly changing. They can be dressed up for a smart look or dressed down for a casual outfit. When it comes down to picking between the two our first true love will always be leather, but tweed comes an extremely (and we mean extremely) close second.

Do you prefer leather or tweed? We’d love to know what you think!

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