Men's Gilets & Waistcoats

Here at Hidepark, we have a massive range of men’s gilets, waistcoats and leather vests to suit all occasions and activities. Whether you’re fishing, shooting, or just need some extra warmth whilst out on a country walk, there’s plenty to choose from.

Our leather waistcoats can offer a sophisticated style for those who love leather in all its forms – perfect for formal occasions, or for adding a little edge to your wardrobe.

Our range of leather body warmers make for a great underlayer to your usual jacket or coat, or can be worn over your outfit to provide extra warmth whilst out in the cold weather.

But, despite being known first and foremost for our great leather products, we offer more than just leather within our range of gilets and waistcoats. There’s also a wide range of canvas and moleskin vests to choose from, including our leather vests specifically designed with fishing and shooting in mind.

Check out our full range of Gilets & Waistcoats below, or browse our various categories if you’re looking for something specific.