Women's Sheepskin Flying Jackets

Hidepark’s most popular Sheepskin (shearling) design has to be the classic Sheepskin flying jacket. With such a great selection of lots of different colours and all featuring the classic details, you have come to love about a flying jacket ‘you are sure to find the perfect style for you.

Manufactured from the highest quality shearling the Hidepark sheepskin range is made to last and be extremely comfortable too, perfect for using in your open top car or to add something incredibly unique to your wardrobe.

A great choice could be the Ella sheepskin flying jacket. A classic cut and classic design in a lovely length suitable for a range of activities and available in six gorgeous colours. Similar to this is the Amy which is a shorter version of the Ella, also available in five fabulous colours and is a great updated version of a classic design.

If you are wanting a flying jacket but not sure about a sheepskin then Hidepark also have a great range of leather flying jackets available. The Hana and Clara are great choices if this is what you are looking for.