Finding the Best Leather Jacket for Your Body Type

Finding the Best Leather Jacket for Your Body Type

We all know and love the leather jacket. Whether it’s the cool, classic biker jacket or the more elegant, classy leather blazer, it’s an essential item to have in your wardrobe for every season.

But just like our preferences in fashion and style, our body shapes are all completely different. We love that no two bodies are the same; it’s what makes us completely unique! In a world where body positivity and self-acceptance are rightfully booming, we’re choosing to dress to fit our body type and NOT our clothes – and so should you.

Whatever your body shape, Hidepark has the perfect collection to make you feel comfortable and confident, from ladies’ leather jackets to a stylish collection for men. This guide will discuss all of those beautiful body types and which leather jacket may be best for enhancing your figure!

Women’s Leather Jackets for a Pear-Shaped Body

Starting with the ‘pear shape’, your figure may be wider around your hips with a defined waist and small upper frame. Choosing a jacket with length to it is a great way to balance the proportion between your shoulders and lower body while accentuating your defined waist and elongating your legs. One of the best choices for this specific body type are ladies’ leather blazers. Defined shoulders provide your upper frame with extra width which works in favour of proportioning your beautiful curvy waist and hips, while the jacket sits on the top of your thighs to elongate your legs. Add definition to your shape with the Beth Fitted Leather Blazer and show off your beautiful body with a well-fitted leather look.

Other great choices for this body type include long leather coats, like the Tara Brown Leather Coat.
Brunette woman wearing the Hidepark Beth Leather Blazer in Cognac
Leather Jackets For Rectangular Body Shapes

A ‘rectangle’ body shape is incredibly common amongst both men and women. This body shape indicates a relatively straight figure which is equally proportionate from top to bottom. 

Depending on your styling goals, most leather jackets will work well with your fabulous figure! Oversized leather jackets are a massive trend with celebrities who share this body type and other models on the runway – making men's and women's flying jackets perfect for that cosy look. The Ella Vintage Flying Jacket is an ideal choice for women looking to add extra definition to their figures.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more defined to provide shape and add curves, another option is the leather biker jacket, which has a slightly tighter fit and pinched waist to achieve a classy, flattering look. The Noah Men’s Leather Jacket adds interest with detailing across the shoulders to help.

Man in a city wearing the Noah Black Leather Jacket

Long Leather Coats and Jackets for Apple Body Shapes

If you’ve got some beautiful curves with a less defined waist, you’re most likely an ‘apple’ shape. Body shapes are based on the structure of your bones, so choosing a women’s leather jacket to suit your figure is all about balancing out your proportions depending on where you would like to direct attention. 

A-line leather jackets keep the upper body in proportion while elongating your legs, which are a great choice for this body type, especially if they have a bit more length to them. Long women’s leather coats are therefore a great option to lengthen your body while directing attention to your legs. The Louise Red Leather Coat is a great long leather coat for those with an apple-shaped figure, with the bright red colour providing additional interest towards the coat.

Brunette woman wearing the Hidepark Louise Red Leather Coat

Men’s Leather Jackets for Inverted Triangle Body Shapes

The inverted triangle shape is well known, indicating broad shoulders with a slimmer chest and waist. Similarly, a “trapezoid” shape shows broad shoulders and chest with a narrow waist, so these two body shapes can find similar styles of leather jackets that suit their shape.

Inverted triangle or trapezoid shapes should look at straight-cut leather blazers that extend past their hips, like the Brook Blazer

Man wearing the Hidepark Noah Leather Blazer in Black

Leather Jackets for Hourglass Body Shapes

If you have wider hips with a large bust and a small waist, you most likely have an hourglass figure. If your goal is to accentuate your already existing curves, we would recommend focusing more on shorter, fitted women’s leather jackets. Leather jackets with belts attached are also a wonderful option when looking to showcase your curves. We’d recommend looking at women’s leather bomber jackets and biker jackets which are short, fitted and all-round trendy jackets. Another option for women with this body shape would be leather flying jackets that are equipped with a belt, like the Laura Leather Jacket, providing a cinched waist with an added belt and large fur collar to bring attention to the shoulders.

Couple walking together in Hidepark Leather Jackets, including the Laura Women's Black Leather Jacket

Leather Jackets for Men’s Triangular Body Shapes

If your hips are wider than your shoulders then it is likely that your body shape is that of a ‘triangle’ and will benefit from leather jacket choices that elongate your body, such as leather coats or longline blazers. 

Zipper jackets with padding and detail on the shoulders are a fantastic choice for triangular body shapes, helping to create a uniform shape throughout. The Roman Leather Puffer adds shape and definition to a triangle body shape, ideal for layering.

Man wearing the Hidepark Roman Leather Puffer Jacket in Olive

Shop Hidepark’s Inclusive Range of Leather Jackets

We know that not everybody is going to identify with these body types – in fact, most of us likely share characteristics of each of the ones mentioned above, and more! We hope that by understanding what specific jacket styles can do for certain characteristics, you can make an informed decision about which leather jacket will make you feel the most comfortable, confident and classy. 

At Hidepark, we stock our leather jackets in a selection of sizes, from XS to 3XL to ensure we appeal to EVERYBODY. Our measurement guide is available to ensure you find your ideal fit the first time, allowing you to begin enhancing your wardrobe. Ready to find the best leather jacket for your body type? Browse our full range of leather jackets, or get in touch with our team for more helpful information.