Guide: Women's Leather Jacket Styles

Guide: Women's Leather Jacket Styles

Leather jackets for women come in a range of styles, from chic to classic- there’s something for everyone. Many distinctive kinds of leather jacket are available, and each one has its own unique look and character. With so much choice, how do you know where to start?

That’s where this guide comes in. With our most popular ladies’ jackets all in one place, along with tips on what to wear with them so you can make the most of their timeless look, you’ll soon be set to upgrade your wardrobe with the perfect leather jacket to rock your style.

Bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are versatile, casual jackets that look good anywhere, anytime. They’re originally inspired by pilot jackets from the 20th century, but now come in a whole range of styles. Common characteristics of women’s leather bomber jackets are a simple, plain leather style with a moderate-sized collar and practical front pockets.

Leather bomber jackets are versatile enough to work with a range of outfits, but we recommend keeping it simple because this is a wardrobe essential that works itself. Match your jacket with a simple white top and light, casual jeans for that comfortable yet classy look that can work with almost any pair of flats or heels.


The Niki (pictured above) is one of our most popular bomber jackets. Its hand-finished black leather is soft and malleable and the design is the perfect meeting of style and practicality. The stiffened collar retains its shape even after heavy wear and the zip fasten pockets add character whilst keeping that lipstick or gloves safe and sound.

This wardrobe favourite is the perfect example of a bomber jacket that suits any style. Being a simple design itself, wearing a plain tee with classic straight cut jeans alongside the Niki allows it to gain the attention a piece like this deserves. Having too much going on alongside a classic stand-out centrepiece like this could detract from its stripped back class.

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Biker jacket

What’s a more iconic fashion item than a biker jacket? These timeless beauties always look great. You don’t have to look for long before you find a celebrity snapped wearing this vogue style. Once a symbol of rebellion, leather jackets still has that are now sought after, popular items that any fashion-conscious woman should have in her wardrobe.

Wearing a biker jacket is easy – it does all the work for you. A general rule of thumb is to keep your outfit dark. A dark top or thin, charcoal sweater under your jacket will work a treat, complementing the rebellious look. A pair of black boots and dark trousers completes the outfit.

Pictured below are two of our favourite biker jackets, Zoe (top) and Viki (bottom). These examples show off both the classic black look and the increasingly popular rust/tan alternative.


The Zoe, pictured above, shows off one popular style of biker jacket. Prominent metal zips, poppers and buckles stand out against the classic black leather. Biker jackets can carry accessories more successfully than most other styles and the Zoe is a perfect example of this.

Remember, the more your jacket has going on in terms of accessories, the more you can get away with underneath it without detracting from the overall style. Graphic tshirts or tops with multiple colours can be worn along with a jacket like the Zoe, whereas they would overpower a simpler piece like the Viki below.


Not only is the Viki a much-loved jacket, it’s also the perfect example of a biker jacket at the opposite end of the spectrum to the Zoe. This piece has only minimal accessories, limited to a few barely noticeable zips, giving it a very different look despite its retention of distinctive features common to all biker jackets, like the overlapping collar.

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Leather blazer

We’re all familiar with blazers, but have you ever considered a blazer made from leather? These stylish leather jackets work effortlessly with formal outfits, creating looks that can be very different from the casual styles of bomber and biker jackets.

Leather blazers look particularly good when worn with long tops or smart dresses, especially when worn in a workplace context. If worn with a long top, consider matching the outfit with black leggings or trousers, depending on what’s more appropriate at the time.


The Beth, pictured above, is a classic example of a leather blazer. This particular example is a bold navy blue. If such a colour isn’t your thing don’t worry, it’s available in black, burgandy and tan as well.


The Maggie (pictured above) is a much-loved leather jacket that blurs the line between blazer and coat. The fit is reminiscent of more traditional blazers, but it’s longer than a jacket like the Jess and buttons up higher as well. The Maggie is a great choice to wear over a more formal outfit, without being as heavy-duty as a purpose-made coat. You could wear it over another blazer (probably not a leather one!) or simply over a blouse and formal trousers.

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Leather coat

While leather jackets are naturally suitable for a lot of outdoor activities, leather coats are specifically designed to keep you warmer and give you better protection from the weather.

The beauty of a good leather coat is that it doesn’t require you to wear a specific outfit. Their length means that most of the clothes underneath will be hidden anyway, but they do look the part with a jeans and a pair of walking boots – perfect for walking and trips outdoors in the colder months.

Match your leather coat with dark jeans, tall boots and a light sweater for a comfortable yet classy look for the colder months. To complete the look and add an extra bit of warmth, try complementing with a bold tartan scarf.

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Flying jackets

Flying jackets (also known as shearling, aviator or pilot jackets) are the descendants of jackets worn by aviators in the mid-twentieth century. Now, as then, they’re designed for warmth and comfort. Like biker jackets, flying jackets are often marked by an off-centre zip. Their most distinctive feature, however, is the soft, warm wool that lines the collar and, on some jackets, the lapels.

The bold appearance of most flying jackets means that they take the limelight in most outfits. The off-centre zip means they’re rarely worn open and the wool collar naturally draws attention away from anything else that might be worn alongside the jacket itself. For these reasons, we generally recommend allowing your flying jacket to steal the show by wearing it with a plain top or sweater, jeans and pale boots.