How to Get Wrinkles Out of Leather Jackets

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Leather Jackets

The leather jacket is an iconic piece, adored by men and women alike. This timeless wardrobe staple never goes out of style, so it’s no wonder why so many of us wear our leather jackets with pride year in and year out.

However, without the proper care, leather jackets can end up wrinkled and distressed. Many types of wrinkles can form on leather, and while some of those might be easier to remove with the methods listed below, some of the heavier ones are more stubborn and may be harder to remove. If the wrinkles on your jacket are very deep, it might be worth considering replacing it with a quality leather jacket made from only the finest nappa or nubuck leather.

Like most things, preventing the problem is easier than trying to cure it, so knowing how to stop wrinkles from forming on leather jackets in the first place is the best approach.

Whilst preventing wrinkles from forming in leather jackets is the easiest way to get wrinkles out of your leather jacket, it does not mean that wrinkles cannot be significantly reduced. At Hidepark we have uncovered our favourite care tips and tricks for wrinkled leather jackets, helping you to maintain your cool leather look for longer.


Preventing wrinkles on your favourite leather jacket is a much easier process than trying to remove wrinkles that already exist. To help you with your leather jacket care the team at Hidepark has discovered a few ways to care for your leather jacket.


Taking just a few minutes to hang up your leather jacket in your wardrobe using a strong and sturdy coat hanger can elongate the lifespan of your jacket significantly. For example, using a wooden coat hanger with wide shoulders will hold the weight of the jacket, helping to keep its shape and prevent wrinkles.


If you are planning to travel with your leather jacket then transporting your leather jacket in a breathable garment bag helps to prevent wrinkles caused by folding your jacket.

If you do not have a garment bag to hand, an old sheet can also provide good protection. Cut your sheet into a large enough square to cover your jacket, ensuring to make a hole in the centre to accommodate the hook of the hanger. The sheet protects the jacket from dirt and dust, whilst allowing the leather to breathe.


Conditioning is a vital form of care and maintenance for leather jackets. Leather is crafted from animal hide, which, much like human skin needs to be kept clean and moisturised to prevent damage. Wrinkles are more likely to form when your leather jacket is dry, so applying a leather conditioning product helps to moisturise the leather and naturally lower the risk and severity of wrinkles. 


Sometimes it’s too late and the wrinkles have already formed in your leather jacket. Below we have included some wrinkle care tips to help you keep your leather jacket in top form.


Removing wrinkles from a leather jacket can often be as simple as giving the jacket a good pull so it’s best to try this method first before trying any of the others.

  1. Place your leather jacket on a sturdy and wide clothes hanger and hang it somewhere secure.

  2. Now, pull down from under the creased or wrinkled area and continue doing this for about five minutes, being sure not to pull too hard – you don’t want to overstretch the fabric.

  3. The leather should now retain its new, smooth shape.


Clothes steamers can cause more harm than good for your leather jacket, but you can still gently steam out those wrinkles without causing irrevocable damage. Next time you’re hopping in the shower, try taking your jacket to the bathroom with you.

  1. Place your leather jacket on a sturdy, wide clothes hanger and hang it somewhere in your bathroom, ensuring it won’t get wet.

  2. Take your time in the shower and make sure steam builds up in your bathroom – this should take about 20 minutes.

  3. Smooth over the jacket with your hands to get out any remaining creases and store your jacket back in the wardrobe on a sturdy hanger.


Heavy books are great for booth flower pressing and pressing the wrinkles back out of your leather jacket. Be sure to put your jacket on for a little while after you remove the books so it regains its original shape.

  1. Put the leather jacket on a flat, hard surface such as a table or countertop and flatten any bumps in the material

  2. Place a heavy book such as a dictionary or textbook over the wrinkled area. You can use multiple books if needed.

  3. Leave the books on top of the jacket overnight and check it in the morning to see if the wrinkle has vanished.

This method for smoothing wrinkles out of your leather jacket is best used on smaller wrinkles. If you are looking to get deeper wrinkles out of your leather jacket you should use this method alongside one of the other methods that have been mentioned above to ensure quality results.


Ironing a leather jacket is generally not suggested, although you can iron your leather jacket to remove wrinkles if you’re extremely careful. The trick is to make sure that the iron never comes into contact with the jacket. You can lay the wrinkled part of the leather jacket on an ironing board and place a pillowcase or clean cotton towel over it.

  1. Turn the heat down to the coolest setting on your iron.

  2. Arrange your leather jacket on the ironing board.

  3. Using a pillowcase or clean cotton towel, lay this over the leather jacket.

  4. Begin to iron the jacket through the extra layer of fabric. The extra layer will create added protection from the iron’s heat.

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