How to Style a Tweed Jacket

How to Style a Tweed Jacket

As the weather gets warmer, it is understandable that you may be looking for a lighter alternative to leather this summer. At Hidepark, we stock a range of fantastic tweed jackets that are lightweight and will give your wardrobe a little something extra. If you’re looking for ways to style a tweed jacket, look no further. We have bundles of ideas to leave you looking sharp and sophisticated for any occasion.

How To Style A Tweed Jacket For Smart Casual Occasions

Combining well-fitted and polished business wear with elements of casual attire, tweed is the epitome of smart casual. The relaxed and traditional print of tweed when fitted well makes it the perfect throw-on statement piece for a smart-casual setting.

We recommended pairing a classic print tweed waistcoat, like our Bodmin: Men’s Tweed Waistcoat, with well-fitting straight cut jeans in a darker wash, a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of polished chestnut colour brogues.

If you’re looking to add some personality to your outfit, experiment with the print and pattern of your shirt and socks. Lighter pastel colours are popular for summer, so a light pink shirt may be just the thing to set off your outfit. With smart casual, you don’t want to go too wild, but your socks are the perfect way to express yourself in a discreet way. Find a pair with a fun pattern and cuff your jeans to show everyone a little of who you are and what you like.


Styling Your Tweed For A Formal Event

When it comes to formal events, tweed is the embodiment of class. The traditional English pattern has been around since the nineteenth century and is a classic. When dressing formally, it may be worth considering getting a three-piece suit in tweed. However, if a full tweed outfit is a little too much for the occasion, you can still add the print to your look with a coat like our Hewitt: Men’s Tweed Country Coat.

When matching your suit to a tweed coat, consider going for a softer colour palette. Navy suits are still formal enough for any event but also offer a bold alternative to black suits and won’t contrast with your coat.


Getting Married? How To Style Tweed For Your Wedding

The popularity of tweed at weddings is on the rise. Less formal than a traditional morning suit, tweed adds a relaxed and boho feel to your wedding party. Due to the nature of tweed, it can be harder for you to stand out against your groomsmen, so consider a full tweed suit for yourself and matching tweed waistcoats for them. Our Galloway: Men’s Tweed Waistcoat comes in Olive, Navy and Brown, perfect for coordinating with your wedding’s theme. If you are looking for a subtle nod to the tweed trend, our Bray: Men’s Tweed Waistcoat is cut to a tailored fit with a subtle herringbone weave and adds a dapper finish to any outfit.

At Hidepark, we stock a fantastic range of tweed for men and tweed for women. Our tweed jackets are made to the same high standards as our jackets. We never compromise when it comes to comfort or style. Find a timeless tweed jacket you can wear anywhere. Shop our range today, or get in touch if you have any questions.