Slow Fashion Vs Fast Fashion

Slow Fashion Vs Fast Fashion

It’s no secret that style has changed through the ages, but has the quality?

Keeping up with the trends of today means forking out a lot of money. But is it really worth it for modern garments and fashion accessories that don’t last as long? With the decrease in quality and increase in price, the fast fashion of today seems like a poor choice of investment in comparison to the old-school trends. We all remember owning an old coat or jeans that seemingly never wore out.

Sourcing quality clothing that lasts

At Hidepark, we pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our garments, so we wanted to know the real cost of this obsession with fast fashion trend that is sweeping the nation.

We decided to conduct some research. We took the cost and lifespan of five popular items from both the ‘fast-fashion’ and from ‘old-school vintage’ trends and worked out the average cost per year.

We then put them these outfit costs together, so you can see just how much the modern trendsetter outfit is costing compared to the vintage style.

What would you rather invest in?


But don’t just take our word for it. Fashion expert and designer Tina Malhamé gave us some insight into how long these items last, and her own views on the matter.

Tina feels the investment in cord, tweed and leather is still worthwhile today as they are natural, breathable materials which only improve with age. A brand new imitation leather jacket or stiff cord skirt is no substitute for an original with its innate original quality.

“Over decades [tweed hats] get revived one way or another,” explains Tina. “Peaky Blinders being a case in point. The TV series, presently hugely influencing the young with its characters donned in dun-coloured tweed, is sharpened with a gleaming white shirt. So worth every penny, to my mind. Beats the current craze for acrylic, knitted, bobble hats which after a single seasons wearing, even the moths don’t want to know.”

“Every generation should invest in clothing made in these durable fabrics,” she continues.

“They would ultimately need to spend less on clothing over their own lifespan, and also place their own generation’s stamp on fashion using pretty much such indestructible leather and cloth.”

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