Spring Style: Denim Vs Leather Jackets

Spring Style: Denim Vs Leather Jackets

The debate between denim and leather jackets has been one that has waged on for years. Both boast a rich history and have been a staple of men's and women’s fashion for hundreds of years. But now both have become more readily available, people are torn to decide which is right for them. During the spring and summer months, either one of these is a great option for your daily jacket.

They both have their pros and cons, lending themselves to different scenarios and outfits, but which is the right one for you and your needs? Here at Hidepark, we have years of experience at the forefront of men's fashion, delivering high-quality jackets to the UK for 40 years. Join us in this blog as we help you decide which jacket is right for your spring and summer period.

Versatility is Key for a Spring/Summer Jacket

As is to be expected with the spring and summer months, the temperatures can vary a lot from day to day, meaning your outfits are likely to change as the days do. There will be times during spring when the temperatures are reminiscent of the cold winter months but on the flip side, there will also be days when the temperatures creep up and get you dreaming of summer. It’s this fluctuation that is likely to mold your outfit choices. Regardless of how you wear them, both denim and leather jackets are likely to weigh slightly heavier than cheap alternatives. However, a denim jacket is going to offer you slightly more breathability than a high-quality leather jacket.

When it comes to versatility with regard to how many outfits each jacket can be worn with, there is one clear winner. The leather jacket is the perfect choice for any outfit you may have planned, working well with your choice of trousers, whether chinos or jeans, but the denim jacket however does not boast such versatility. An example of this would be trying to pair a denim jacket with denim jeans. Despite being popular in the 70s and 80s, double denim is no longer fashionable, which is why we would advise choosing a leather jacket to be worn with jeans, regardless of colour. 

As far as styling both denim and leather jackets, there are a few things to consider. A blue denim jacket should be worn with trousers that are of a contrasting colour, for instance, black jeans or even gray. A leather jacket can be worn with whatever your preferred choice of trousers, depending on how formal/relaxed you want your look to be. Pair your leather jacket with a leather bag to complete your look.

Denim and Leather Jackets: Which is More Durable?

Both denim and leather jackets are heavier jackets than your run-of-the-mill jackets, but this is for good reason. With this added weight they are able to offer a level of durability you won’t find in many other materials. It is no secret that a leather jacket is likely to cost you more than a denim jacket, this is because high-quality leather costs more to source in comparison to denim. 

The biggest advantage of a high-quality leather jacket is that it will only get better the older it gets, should it be well-looked after. It also traditionally was a sign of wealth and quality, which is why a good leather jacket is seen as a sign of luxury. 

A denim jacket on the other hand is still just as likely to last as long as a leather jacket. Thanks to the material being cheaper to obtain and more readily available, denim jackets are easier to not only easier to secure but also repair. If you should damage your denim jacket by ripping it or similar, you can just as easily stitch it back up or apply a new patch. 

Which Jacket is Easier to Care for?

The key to successfully keeping your jacket for as long as possible, sometimes an entire lifetime, is taking good care of it. Both denim and leather jackets pose their own challenges when it comes to cleaning and repairing, which is why you need to be sure what you’re doing is correct. 

How to Clean a Leather Jacket

To remove everyday dirt, make-up or dust from your leather jacket, gently apply soapy water to the area affected and wipe with care. This will lift any grime that is stuck to the surface of your jacket. Of course there are a handful of specialist leather care dry cleaners that we would use if your jacket is in need of some TLC. If your leather jacket has suffered any damage, do not attempt to try and mend it yourself. Take it to the aforementioned specialists. For more guidance on how to care for your leather jacket, check out the Hidepark guide to leather care.

How to Clean a Denim Jacket

For the best results when cleaning your denim jacket, we would recommend soaking it in cold water mixed with mild detergent for at least an hour. After this, rubbing any stains out with your hands and rinsing before letting it dry on its own will leave your jacket smelling and feeling fresh. We would advise against tumble drying or washing with heat as this risks shrinking the jacket. Similarly, refrain from using chemicals on your denim jacket as this can cause the thread to become damaged and ultimately cause it to fray or tear.

Enjoy your Spring/Summer with a Leather Jacket from Hidepark

Elevate any outfit you have planned with a high-quality leather jacket from Hidepark. Explore our collection and find your new favourite jacket today. From Bomber to Biker, find the jacket that perfectly suits your style today. If you have any questions about our range, please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you. 

Need help styling your new jacket? Why not visit the Hidepark blog, where you can find all the latest style guides and tips to keep your jacket looking its best?