The Cost of the World's Most Expensive Leather Jackets


Our new research shows that leather jackets like the one worn in Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and George Harrison’s from The Beatles, could bank up to two-million-pounds.

We’ve taken a look into the high ticket sales of iconic clothing over the years and what could be the take home price today, along with the events that led to the increased price tag.

With the help of antiques valuer, Jon White, we have taken some of the most expensive jackets and revalued them, taking into account, new events, time and price:


Antiques valuer, Jon White, explained why items like these jackets can fetch such a hefty price tag, and what you should do if you think you have one in your attic:

“Jackets are often one-off, unique items. A collector can purchase a piece, safe in the knowledge that their investment is safe.

“Once a film or actor has achieved that ‘iconic’ status, collectors will always scramble to own pieces of memorabilia. Jackets, bags and hats will always be popular, often instantly recognisable items. Like an item of jewellery, we like to try them on, placing ourselves into an imaginary scene, being the actor, movie character or pop star!

“They give the owner an opportunity to ‘buy in’ and own a piece of popular history.”

Some of the top ticket items on the list include:

The Terminator jacket – $26,000 (£20,000)

The Way of the Dragon – $80,000 (£61,500) 

George Harrison the Beatles – $170,000 (£130,000)

Sylvester Stallone, Rocky – $160,000 (£125,000)

Olivia Newton John – $120,000 (£91,300)

Michael Jackson – Thriller – $2,000,000 (£1.6million)

Jon explained what you should do if you stumble across one of these jackets, or find yourself with what you think could be an expensive piece:

“Store it properly. Keep it sealed, preferably in an airtight carrier and if necessary, with a bag of desiccant to absorb any moisture. Keep it on a proper hanger (not a wire one). Whatever its condition, don’t be tempted to clean it. Store it in the dark. Build up its provenance – obtain photos showing the jacket being worn or written evidence that proves beyond doubt your jacket is THE one. If it’s a bespoke item, who made it? Get it authenticated by the designer.”

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