The History of Leather Blazers in Men's Fashion

Man wearing the Hilton Mens Brown Rust Nappalan Sheepskin Coat

Men’s Leather Blazers are a twist on the classic blazer, made with quality leather for a cool but functional everyday jacket. Leather Blazers and Jackets are an ideal wardrobe essential that improves with age, providing a variety of different looks depending on how you pair it with other items.

Leather jackets have been popular since the 1900s, with the original men’s leather jacket finding popularity during World War One. As the years have gone on the popularity and style of leather jackets have changed, introducing new designs and inclusive sizings to make leather jackets accessible to everyone.

Leather Jackets in Military Fashion

Men’s leather jackets were first popularised as military fashion, with the first leather bomber jackets being favoured by fighter pilots in both World Wars. The jackets were designed to keep pilots warm as fighter plane cockpits were open-air and uninsulated in the first World War.

Sheepskin lining is a popular fashion choice in modern fashion, however its origin in leather jacket design was to help keep pilots warm during missions. 

The First Men’s Fashion Leather Jacket

Leather Jackets didn’t make it into civilian fashion until 1928, thanks to the invention of Irving Schott’s zipper leather jacket. Schott designed a leather jacket that was supposed to be easy for everyday wear, with a new cut that would allow motorcycle riders to wear the jacket as protection whilst out on their bikes.

The ‘Perfecto’ jacket as it was named quickly became known as the ‘biker jacket’, a favourite among motorcyclists for its extra protection and durability while on the road.

Leather Jackets in Hollywood

By the 1950s leather jackets were a popular fashion item to have in your wardrobe, especially for Hollywood Stars aiming to look a little rougher around the edges. A ‘bad boy’ look was becoming popular thanks to Marlon Brando in The Wild One.

Men’s leather jackets continued to be popular in pop culture during the 1960s thanks to The Beatles and their incredible rock and roll style. Even as the Beatles began to steer into suits as a fashion statement, Paul McCartney’s Leather Blazer look mixed leather fashion with a more formal look. 

Leather Blazers provide a structured leather look, adding a smart style to everyday outfits. The Beatles can be seen wearing leather blazers with jeans and t-shirts, or over a shirt and tie, continuing to pioneer the leather jacket trend throughout the 60s.

Leather Jackets in the 70s & 80s

Continuing to be a popular fashion statement, men’s leather jackets could be seen everywhere, from Tv Shows like Happy Days where ‘The Fonz’ favoured the leather look, to concerts where musicians and bands like The Sex Pistols and Duran Duran attempted to keep the rock image rolling through the decades.

Leather Jackets were a Rock and Roll staple throughout the 70s and into the 1980s, before facing a major shake-up in 1983 with the introduction of coloured leather jackets thanks to Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video.

Men’s Leather Jackets Today

Leather Jackets have been prominent in Men’s Fashion over the last Century, from Leather Bomber Jackets to the ever popular Biker Jacket, Leather Blazers to Leather Coats, whilst the years and styles have evolved the popularity of Leather has not.

Today you can find any style of men’s leather jackets on the catwalks of Fashion Week, or on the shoulders of your favourite actor in that new film you’ve been waiting to see.

From casual everyday wear, to a formal leather look that’s perfect for any occasion, no matter your preference there is a style out there for you.

Leather Bomber Jackets

The original Men’s Leather Jacket, Leather Bomber Jackets are still in style today, with shearling Bomber Jackets being a favourite choice amongst men and women alike. Over a century since they were first introduced to help keep pilots warm, the classic Pilot Jacket is still keeping people warm today.

Discover your ideal Leather Bomber Jacket today with classics like the Men’s Beige Sheepskin Pilot Jacket, or find your jacket with a modern twist like the Mac Men’s Burgundy Leather Jacket.

Leather Biker Jackets

Excellent for motorcycle enthusiasts and those looking for a stylish leather jacket alike, Leather Biker Jackets look great with any outfit. 

Find a variety of men’s Biker jacket styles, like the Tate Men’s Black Leather Jacket, to help create your ideal look.

Men’s Leather Blazers

Mix your favourite styles for a unique leather look that can be worn everyday, to the office or even to any events you may be planning to attend. Leather Blazers have been a popular suit jacket alternative for decades, giving the same smart blazer look with an alternative leather jacket vibe.

Wear the Brook Men’s Black Leather Jacket over a shirt and tie for a formal suit look with a twist just like Paul McCartney wore in the 60s, or try the Brook jacket in Chestnut paired with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual leather blazer look. 

Leather Coats for Men

Ever since the 90s and 2000s brought us The Matrix movies Leather Coats have been popular for those looking to find an alternative style. Whilst long leather coats like that are still in fashion, there are a wide variety of leather coat styles to suit all preferences.

Embody your inner Keanu Reeves with the Men’s Brown Long Leather Riding Coat, or find your favourite countryside style with the Walker Men’s Brown Leather Coat.

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