Wearing the Waistcoat: Top 5 Tips for 2020

Wearing the Waistcoat: Top 5 Tips for 2020

5 Tips To Master The Leather Waistcoat

1) Fit Is King

The waistcoat is meant to sit very close to the body, and therefore is the slimmest garment in menswear. Be careful not to be too ambitious with this though. The combination of a too-tight waistcoat and an enthusiastic dance move is a recipe for tearing disaster and very rarely a winning look! If you are on the receiving end of a heavy meal, a few crafty ales, or just fancy sitting down with ease, most waistcoats have an adjustable cinch at the back of the stomach to relieve the pressure!

A properly-fitted leather waistcoat will lie flat across your shoulders, whilst having enough length to meet your waistline comfortably. Be sure not to buy a loose-fitting waistcoat either, as you’ll end up looking boxy and without a frame around your waist and chest.

2) No Ballooning!

A lot of waistcoats will see the sides and back cut a little higher, with the front covering the whole torso. This may show some shirt, so ensure it is both well-fitted and tucked in to avoid fabric ballooning from under the vest. The whole point of a waistcoat is to look streamlined and tidy so don’t bring unwanted attention to the waist with this small but crucial detail.

Adding a low-profile belt can help to keep your shirt tucked in effectively, avoiding the unwanted bunch up and help keeping your outfit looking sleek and smart.

3) Always Button Up

Complete the sophisticated look by always buttoning up, as suggested in Men’s Style blog. After all, what’s the point in wearing a leather waistcoat if it’s undone?

Added Tip – leave the last button undone so it doesn’t pull when you lift your arms up. This is actually the traditional method to wear a waistcoat regardless, so true style gurus will be thankful you do leave the last button unbuttoned.

4) Ditch The Waiter Look

Don’t fall into that oh so common trap of looking like a waiter (no disrespect to any waiters out there). Avoid that shiny appearance as this will likely get you attention for the wrong reasons.

A great tip is to pair the waistcoat with items that don’t make you look like a waiter, e.g. avoid black trousers unless it came with it as part of a suit. This doesn’t mean you should throw on a pair of jeans, however – that’s a sure fire way to cause some fashion clashes!

5) Keep It Smart

Perfect the look by ensuring the rest of your attire is well fitted and in-keeping with the season. As a general rule of thumb, lean more towards the smart side of the spectrum. Underneath the waistcoat, a retro finish is a big hit. Big tip: do not mix prints and make sure you colour match properly!

If you need any advice on choosing the right leather waistcoat, or have any other queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.