What is Hidepark’s returns returns policy?

Any Hidepark mens or womens leather jacket (as well as the leather bags and other garments in our range) can be returned within 28 days of purchase for a refund or exchange. Our returns process is free of charge as part of our quality assurance.

How long will it take to receive my order?

If an order is placed before 2.00 PM it will normally be despatched the same day. Delivery is either next day by courier or 1-2 days by Royal mail.

How long does a refund take to process?

We aim to issue refunds within 24hours of receiving the item back to our warehouse. Once this is done it can take up to 5 working days to show on an account.

What is Nubuck?

Nubuck is leather that’s buffed on the grain side to give a very fine velvety surface. Although it appears to look and feel like suede, it is in fact leather. This gives your leather blazer, leather jacket or leather bag a beautifully smooth feel, as well as a suppleness that moulds to your form and ensures the perfect fit. 

It’s the quality of Nubuck leather that gives a real leather jacket its superiority.

How do I clean my leather jacket?

Basic leather jacket cleaning should be left to a specialist. Please only send your garment to cleaners who specialise in cleaning leather safely – attempting to fully wash it yourself may result in damage or premature wear.

You can, however, lightly dampen a soft sponge with mild soapy water to comb over the collar and cuff area. For more advice, please feel free to contact us – it’s always best to be cautious when it comes to maintaining real leather!

What do I do if my jacket gets wet?

Leather is not waterproof – however, most leathers are reasonably shower resistant. Should your leather jacket for men or women become wet, place it on a well-shaped hanger and allow it to dry naturally away from any artificial heat and sunlight. Real leather jackets require careful care to remain at their usual quality – but the results are worth it!

What size mens or womens black leather jacket should I buy?

Like all our garments, our black leather jackets have helpful sizing guides on their product pages. For men, chest measurements are provided and correlate to each of our sizing options, so once you’ve measured your chest, simply pick the corresponding size.

If you’re after a womens black leather jacket, the sizes operate on bust and hips measurements for best fit, so pick the most appropriate size based on your measurements. Don’t fret if you choose the wrong size, though; we offer free exchanges if you need to change your jacket.

Will my black leather jacket fade?

While Hidepark’s leather garments are of the highest quality, dyed leather naturally shows signs of age as time goes by. The faded vintage look is often desirable but if you prefer your mens or womens black leather jacket to remain as dark as possible, there are ways of preserving the original colour.

You can avoid excessive fading by storing your black leather jacket out of direct sunlight – this is the best way to keep black leather nice and dark. You can also use recolouring balm to restore some colour to an old leather jacket, but we advise against this unless the product you use is from a trusted retailer.

Do you sell faux leather products?

In order to meet the highest standard of quality, all our products are made with only 100% real leather. From our leather blazers to our gilets, coats, jackets and bags, Hidepark supplies only superior quality Nubuck and Nappa leather goods.

Our mission is to make real leather jackets accessible to everyone, which is why we’re committed to keeping our prices affordable and making our sizing range inclusive.

What size leather jacket am I?

All our leather garments include handy sizing guides on their product pages. Scroll down on each individual product page to see our handy sizing guide, which provides measurements and how they correlate to the available sizes of each product.

Please note: our leather bags are only available in one size.

Do leather jackets stretch over time?

A real leather jacket is made to mould to your body over time, so if your new jacket feels a bit tight at first, don’t fret – it’s meant to feel snug! 

If you chose the size based on our sizing guide, you have no reason to worry if it feels cosy – so long as you can still move freely. The stretch that leather jackets endure overtime won’t be overly noticeable; it will stretch just enough for it to appropriately fit your body.

What are the main features of the leather flying jacket?

The leather flying jacket has been a classic favourite for many generations – always coming back around in fashion. Although there are many timeless leather jackets, the flying jacket has always been a favourite due to its retro, cosy feel. The jacket has sheepskin wool attached throughout the inside of the jacket which peeks through on features such as the collar and cuffs, making it a great choice for the colder months or cool summer evenings. This type of jacket normally has a more fitted structure, and some variations of this coat feature a belt to create a more slim fit overall. Heavy duty zips and pockets are also a classic feature of the leather flying jacket. 

What is the history of the leather flying jacket?

Leather flying jackets originated during the 1900’s – originally worn by pilots during World War I and II. The jackets were specifically designed with thick insulating leather to keep pilots warm while they were out on missions. Slowly becoming part of their culture, the statement then trickled into casual wear and eventually ended up as a fashion statement across the globe by the mid-1900’s. Eventually, commercial clothing manufacturers and fashion designers began incorporating the leather flying jacket into their original designs and collections. Today, the jacket has come back into fashion so many times it’s considered a staple piece every year.

How many colours is the leather flying jacket available in?

We like to keep some of the originality of the timeless flying jacket at Hidepark. We currently stock this jacket in a variety of black, brown and tan shades.

Are there different styles of leather flying jackets?

Each individual leather flying jacket at Hidepark has its own unique features – but the main characteristics stay the same. Pockets, heavy-duty zips, a wool collar and matching cuffs stay the same throughout the Hidepark range, but the placement may be different depending on the style.

What is the leather flying jacket made from?

The majority of our leather flying jackets are made from British high quality, traditional sheepskin leather for the closest replica to the original flying jackets. Some Hidepark leather flying jackets are made from supple cowhide – durable, practical and stylish.