Wearing a Leather Jacket in Warm Weather

Tips & tricks

There’s no reason for a leather jacket to be reserved for the cold winter weather, as wearing a leather jacket in warm weather works just as well. Here are some of our top tips for wearing leather jackets in the spring and summer months:

1. Choose a Lightweight Option

To avoid feeling too warm and weighted down, look for a lightweight option when you’re choosing a spring leather jacket. Not only will this prevent you from becoming too hot and uncomfortable when the weather is warm, but it will also help you to create a great springtime look. After all, nobody wants to look as though they’re wearing winter clothes all year round. At Hidepark, we’d recommend the May Ladies Grey Leather Jacket and the Rik Leather Jacket.

2. Consider Swapping Black for a Lighter Colour

One of the best ways to wear a leather jacket in warm weather is to find an option that’s in a lighter colour. Though black and dark brown jackets are hugely popular, light colours work better when it comes to spring leather jackets. The Rik Chestnut Leather Men’s Jacket is ideal, as is the Lotty Women’s Sand Collarless Leather Jacket.

3. Embrace a Perforated Jacket

Though many leather jackets are designed to keep you warm and out of the wind, there are perforated options; these encourage airflow and help to keep you cool. If you’re worried about being too warm in a leather jacket, embrace the perforated look.

4. Team it With Light, Summer Clothes

If you really want to rock the summer leather jacket look, consider teaming it with light, summery clothes. A leather jacket will work well with most dresses and shirts by adding an edgy, rock vibe to the outfit.

5. Realise Warm Weather Doesn’t Always Last

Remember, warm weather doesn’t always last and even summer evenings can become cool. This is where a summer leather jacket can come in extremely handy. If you’re heading out to a garden party or you’re off on a family day out, a leather jacket will be much needed when the temperatures drop. The Budd Men’s Grey Leather Jacket and the Zoe Women’s Navy Leather Jacket are ideal for keeping warm, whilst still looking stylish.

Summer Leather Jackets and Spring Leather Jackets at Hidepark

Whether you’re looking for a summer leather jacket or a spring leather jacket, there is a range of fantastic options to check out here at Hidepark. At Hidepark, we pride ourselves on offering a full range of leather jackets to both men and women. This means you’re sure to find a leather jacket you love. To find out more, get in touch or browse the collection online.