Wearing Leather in Summer 2022 - The Fashion Do’s and Don'ts

Wearing Leather in Summer 2022 - The Fashion Do’s and Don'ts

Are you on a hunt for the perfect summer leather jacket? With this guide on the do’s and don'ts of styling leather jackets in your summer wardrobe, you're bound to look good during those warmer months.  


Wondering how to wear a leather jacket in the summer? We’ve put together a list of our ‘do’s of effortless ways to style leather whilst the temperatures are soaring this summer.

Pick a breathable jacket 

With so many leather jackets available online and in stores, how do you know which one to pick? Well one thing for sure, when it comes to your summer leather jacket, you want to pick something light and breathable. Nobody wants to be overheating whilst in leather, and at Hidepark we have just the jackets to keep you feeling and looking cool during those warmer months. 

Considering wearing a lighter colour jacket 

We all know that black is never a good idea in the sun, so why not try swapping to a lighter coloured leather option such as our range of cream leather jackets. Leather comes in all sorts of colours so there is definitely something out there to pair with your outfit no matter what style you’re going for.


Wear it open 

Why not wear your jacket open and pair it with a statement shirt or top underneath? Wearing your favourite leather jacket unzipped will help to keep that air flowing whilst giving you a great on-trend look that others will envy this summer. Maybe even a leather shirt to pair over a cami top or t-shirt. 


Now we’ve gone through our ‘do’s’ we've got to do the ‘don’ts’ right? Follow these tips and we promise you can wear a leather jacket with ease this summer without overheating.

Don’t pick a heavy and insulated jacket 

Whilst lined jackets may be perfect in the winter, they could be the reason you’re overheating this summer. Layers and pockets are great when it's cold, but are they necessary when it's warm out? Instead, try something lighter such as our men's All Leather Waistcoat. If you're still in need of that extra pocket space there are plenty of leather bags on our site to level up your looks. 


Don’t pair with your leather with heavier clothes 

Pairing your favourite leather staples with heavy clothing could be the first step to a sweaty mess this summer! Whilst layering with jumpers and jeans is the way to go in the winter, you may need to rethink your wardrobe for this summer. Instead, why not try pairing a jacket with linen trousers or a maxi dress and sandals for a cool and collected look. 

Don’t restrict your styles

Perhaps try some alternatives to the standard leather jacket this summer? With leather becoming increasingly popular, there are now many options. From jackets to skirts there's something for everybody to keep you cool, but also on trend this summer.

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