Why You Should Add a Utility Vest to Your Wardrobe


At Hidepark, we understand the necessity for both practical and stylish clothing. That’s why our utility vests are designed to bring style to your outfit while also serving a purpose when hiking, shooting, camping and more!

Our utility vests are created with all of your favourite activities in mind; designed with features that will enhance your experience when on outdoor adventures. From stylish features to practical designs, our utility vests make a wonderful addition to your wardrobe – all year round.

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Utility Vests For Camping, Hiking, Shooting and More

Finding a practical piece of clothing that is specifically designed for the activity you’re engaging in can help you to achieve better results. For example, Hidepark’s shooting vests are designed with features such as cartridge pockets for easy access when out in the field.

Across the Hidepark range, you can find a variety of utility vests that have been designed with practical features to make camping, hiking and shooting as enjoyable and efficient as possible. Just some of these include moleskin lining for extra warmth, waxed fabric to repel water, a large number of easy access pockets, and high-quality leather for warmth and protection.


Utility Vests For Casual Wear

Aside from being practical and durable, utility vests are a great addition to any casual outfit.

Hidepark utility vests are designed to harness traditional features whilst incorporating contemporary aspects such as dyed leather and eye-catching details.

Hidepark carefully selects the material, colourway and design of each vest to ensure it is stylish, contemporary and on trend. Pair a Hidepark utility vest with your favourite jeans, shirt and boots for the perfect outfit this season.

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Layering Utility Vests

The breathable, lightweight design means that utility vests can be worn all year round. In the colder autumn and winter months, utility vests are a great lightweight option to layer over chunky-knit jumpers for an extra element of warmth and comfort.

Additionally, a utility vest can be the perfect addition to your summer outfit by simply layering over a t-shirt or shirt. As it’s a sleeveless and lightweight jacket, this makes the utility vest the ideal option to take out with you in case the temperature drops.

The breathable material and design ensures that you’re only adding the necessary level of warmth to your outfit, without overheating or feeling weighed down.


Finding A Utility Vest To Suit You

When choosing which vest is the best fit for your needs, it’s important to pinpoint the specific features you will get the most use from. If you’re intending on wearing it when hiking, camping, shooting or other outdoor activities, it’s important to browse for products that are specifically designed for this activity. We carefully split utility vests into clear categories on our website – this means finding exactly what you’re looking for couldn’t be any easier.

With regards to style, it’s important to pick a fit, colourway, material and size that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Hidepark products are built to last, so your utility vest will be a staple piece in your wardrobe for many years to come. We currently stock sizes S to 5XL, so there’s something for each and every customer.


Hidepark Utility Vests

Shop our range of fantastic utility vests today to find a stylish and practical fit for your outdoor adventures. From cotton utility vests such as the Ryan to durable leather utility vests such as the Alf, we have a wide range of options for each and every customer.

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